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PQQ Completion

If you are looking to provide your product or service to the majority of leading constructions firms, or to most public sector bodies, then you are going to need to get on their Preferred Suppliers List (PSL) by completing a Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ).

A PQQ is a form asking for relevant information about your business to enable your potential supplier to evaluate if you meet their criteria as supplier. Some may be 1 or 2 pages, whilst others could be considerably longer.

Our core telemarketing service can assist with generating opportunities for you to get on a PSL and receive PQQ’s. However, we understand that there can be a considerable amount of time needed to complete a PQQ and often these can be left incomplete, therefore missing a window to get on the PSL of a potential major client.

At Crannull, we provide a service which takes the pain away from completing these documents and we complete them for you. There is a lot of standard information which is asked for in most PQQ’s and we can build up a library of this information for you and then utilise this when the PQQ’s are received. We can liaise directly with the prospective client to gain a greater understanding of any questions which may not be 100% clear in the document and also gain feedback following submission to ensure we have met all the required criteria.

This service can be taken on its own, or form part of our Telemarketing Service, as completing the PQQ and getting on the PSL is only the first 2 steps of becoming a supplier. Following up with the relevant people is vital to ensure they know you are an approved supplier. If you do not have the time to do this, let Crannull do this for you.

If you have been approved by one of the top 10 construction firms, you are likely to be one of a number of suppliers. Crannull will contact each decision maker and set up a meeting. This will give you the opportunity to explain why they should switch from their existing supplier to you.

Our service enables you to concentrate on your core business, without the need for filling in numerous documents to get on and remain on your customers Preferred Suppliers Lists.

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