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Social Media has become the buzz word of the moment and is now a powerful tool that can help you drive traffic to your website, enhance your brand awareness and ultimately generate new leads and customers for your business.

LinkedIn is the number one social media platform for individuals and companies to interact with existing and prospective clients. Regular content posted on LinkedIn can help boost your brand and company awareness in the market, plus regular interaction with your network can help boost your posts into your networks news feed.

If you are short of time or lack inspiration of what to post on your social networking sites, then our social media management packages may be just what you are looking for.

We have tried to simplify our pricing structure as each company is different, but the basics are still the same. All of our social media management services include:-

  • An account manager who has an understanding of YOUR industry. You have full control over the content produced.
  • You receive a weekly report with your network growth figures.
  • When used in conjunction with our Telemarketing service, we can send out connection requests to prospective clients for you.

We have 2 packages available

Silver Service – This includes an individual daily post from either your company or personal profile. Throughout the month, this will be a mixture of sales content about your business and industry news which will be relevant to your connections.

Gold Service – Includes the same as the silver service, but we will also spend 30 minutes each day interacting with your network. The algorithms used by LinkedIn mean that by interacting with people in your network, your post will appear higher up in their news feeds, therefore giving you a greater chance of being seen.

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